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Made for macOS

Made for macOS

pwSafe for Mac is an app developed from scratch to run on macOS. This means it looks and feels like the native app it is, providing a better user experience, with no awkward controls or keyboard shortcuts.

It runs beautifully on Retina displays and supports dark mode.

Safari extension

Inside the Browser

pwSafe for Mac includes browser extensions to make it much faster to fill you login details or even to create a new strong password. pwSafe's extensions are designed with security in mind, never exposing your passwords to the browser.

Made for macOS

Powerful, yet easy

pwSafe for Mac was designed with sensible defaults to get you started and powerful options just one click away. Some examples:

  • Configure how many passwords it keeps on the history.
  • Define exactly what characters go in the password for that specific website.
  • Chose what fields are visible by default.

Safari extension


pwSafe uses a standard file format and is compatible with many apps for various platforms.

It also supports the YubiKey, which is a hardware token used by corporations like Google, Microsoft and even the US DOD. The YubiKey serves as a second authentication factor, providing even more security.

Need help?

Please see our FAQ and the user guide. If you have a question, contact us.